Catskills Irish Arts Week 2017!

I was lucky to get back to NY just in time for the Catskills Irish Arts Week 2017! This is one of my favorite festivals. The week is always jam-packed with concerts, sessions, lectures, singing, dancing, and general craic. It was the perfect way for me to catch up with many of the talented musicians and friends I had the pleasure of meeting when I lived in NYC last year.

Some of the most memorable moments for me were playing next to the great Joanie Madden in a session at The Blackthorne on Monday; joining Dan Gurney, Dylan Foley, Josh Dukes, Sean Gavin, Mike Fee, Sean Earnest and KT Boyle for a very lively and flutey ceili on Tuesday; playing tunes with the legendary Mike McHale and friends at a BBQ on Wednesday evening followed by tunes on Aaron Olwell's school bus later that night; and hearing all about Monsignor Charlie Coen's life during Mick Moloney's lecture series which ran Monday to Friday in the Shamrock House.

As always, I left the week feeling exhausted but inspired by all the amazing music I heard during the week!